Development of Shente

1. Our company has employed 20 more people recently to expand export market and increase sales.

2. Our company adheres to the principle that expertise will do good to the company. Our company has committed to product innovation and quality improvement all the time. Recently, the company reached a part of co-operation projects with Shanghai Chong Yue Precision metal pipe Co., Ltd.

3. With the increasing size of the company, our company has introduced a new packaging line in August and increases the company's production projects.

4. To expand production, our company plans to purchase 6 mini mills early next month and increase 4 production lines of broaching machine.

5. As a result of recent market instability of stainless steel seamless pipe, our company will organize people to carry out market research in Foshan in Guangzhou to understand the market trends at the end of September.

6. By the end of last month, our company’s total sales have reached 1,000 tons. Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate becomes larger all the time.

7. Our company promotes the protection of the environment and insists on the principles of green production. The pickling equipment in the workshop will be modified at the end of September, which will effectively ensure the non-polluting emissions.

8. At the end of August, in order to enhance the overall quality of employees, the company will organize staff to travel to Hainan for a week-long Outward Bound.

9. Gaochun County Magistrate Hsieh has carried out a research in our company on July 20, and has given us their helpful comments and suggestions in the science and technology investment, and scientific and technological innovation for the production of stainless steel seamless pipe.

10. In order to resist the following impact brought by the economic crisis, the company has studied to decide to expand its product inventory, adding 50 tons product inventory per month.

Our company stick to business philosophy that “to make our brand by strength, to get the market by quality, to win customers by good faith”.  We dedicate domestic and foreign customers with quality products and services.


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