Method of Using Water Soluble Films in Curable Casting Tapes
The present invention provides a method of using novel casting tapes incorporating water soluble liners. The liners of the present invention may be used for a number of purposes including: use as an interlayer film liner in a casting tape article to prevent undesirable resin pooling; use as an interlayer liner to lubricate a casting tape when immersed in water; use in a method of producing a decorative casting tape either by retarding layer-to-layer migration of a colored resin or by transferring a design preprinted on the liner to an adjacent casting tape; use as an interlayer liner in a casting tape article to prevent adhesion between adjacent layers of the article; and use as a release liner to facilitate removal of a roll of casting tape from its package. The liners employed in this invention are rapidly soluble in water and may be provided as a continuous or semi-continuous sheet structure.
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