Nanjing Shen Te stainless steel Co., LTD passed ISO9000 quality management syste
NanJing ShenTe Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd Passed ISO9000 quality management system certification
 2010 July 17-2010 July 21, WangYinXiang and ChangYaLing were sent by Beijing xingguo universal authentication limited company ,they came to nanjing shente stainless steel Co., LTD, ISO9000 quality management system in the company are the first stage and the second stage of the audit, and pass.
 According to the ISO9000 standard, the audit team conducted a process-based by asking, check files, site supervising methods for top management and technology, qa, engineering, marketing, management etc. 6 departments on the comprehensive quality system operation. In the review process, various departments and cooperate actively with CRB assessment teams, accurate, timely provide audit activities in the required documents, records and other materials, earnest answer questions CRB assessment teams experts. Through the review of nanjing shente stainless steel system work has given full affirmation that nanjing shente stainless steel quality system is fully, appropriate and effective, each process has been effectively controlled. Through the review activities, the staff of the quality management system has further improve knowledge, find out the deficiency existing in the work, and determine the future direction. Through the system operation and improvement of the company, will make more standard and scientific management for the future development, and laid a solid foundation.
 The next stage will wait for Beijing xingguo universal authentication limited company issued by my company ISO9000 quality management system certification, nanjing shente stainless steel Co., LTD, the staff will make persistent efforts, in line with" create brand, with the strength to the quality of the market, honesty wins the customer "business philosophy, for the domestic and foreign customers to provide high-quality products and service.
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