Production Methods of Seamless Steel Pipe

According to different production methods, seamless steel pipe can be divided into pipe, cold-rolled pipe, extruded pipe, etc.

Seamless steel pipe is produced in auto-pipe mill generally. Cut the solid tube blanks, set the centering on the surface of the tube blanks, heat the tubes by heating furnace, and punch holes in punchers. Tube blanks becomes vacuum gradually by the effect of the roller and tappet, and the circumrotation and forward of the puncher. It is called capillary tube and then continues to rolling the tubes at the auto-pipe mill again.

It must adopt the cold rolling or cold drawing or both of the two methods to produce the pipes if you want to acquire the smaller size and better quality seamless steel pipes. Cold drawing is usually made in single-chain cold-drawing machine or double-chain cold-drawing machine with 0.5~100T.

The extruded method means that bring the heated tube blanks to the airtight extrusion cylinder, extruded sections will be extruded from the smaller die hole under the effect of the moving of the rohreintreibdorn and pressing stem. This method can produce the seamless steel pipe with smaller diameter.

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