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Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe for Oil Cracking

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe for Oil Cracking


             Steel Grade: TP304,TP304L,TP316,TP316L,TP317,TP317L,TP309S,TP310S,TP321,TP347

             Standard: ASTM A312,ASTM A269,GB/T14976,DIN17456,JIS3459


             OD: 6mm~325mm  

             WT: 1mm~25mm 


             This kind of stainless steel pipe used for oil cracking is more effective at resisting corrosion
             than alloy pipes in the same specification. It is generally used in oil cracking reactors, oil drill pipes, 
             barrel roller bearing rings, and Jack sets.

             Steel Seamless Pipes Parameters:


Cold Drawn(Rolled) Steel Pipe
Outside Dia. mm
Steel Wall Thickness mm
Length mm
Tolerance rank
6~10 General
≦3 General
L1 0~20

High grade

>10~30 General

High grade

L2 0~10

High grade

>30~50 General
>3 General
L3 0~5

High grade

>50 General

High grade


High grade


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