Steel Pipes Manufacturing Process (2)
Maintaining the quality of the ERW pipes is of utmost importance too. The product must pass through stringent quality tests, before they are finally supplied. Raw material shall be tested for chemical composition, tensile strength, elongation and thickness and tolerance. Pipes shall be hydraulically tested to ensure no leakage in the pipe. Galvanized pipes must be tested for uniformity of the zinc coating.

As the quality is the lifeline of any industry, so at steel pipes manufacturing companies, Quality is not only checked, but is monitored and produced, with the help of proactive and professional approach.

Steel pipes finds various applications in commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural areas. These pipes are used in staircase hand railings, door frames, oil and gas industry, structural and scaffolding purposes, green houses, shed for ware houses, sanitary use of households, sewage, construction activities, hand pumps, tube wells, boring, water distribution system and several other applications.

Diversified form of steel is yet to come, which will change the face of all economies, with easy applicability adaptability, affordability, viability and stability.
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