The Challenge and Solution to Cut Stainless Steel Pipe (4)

Two recommended methods to cut stainless tube.

Stainless pipe can be fabricated by methods similar to those used for carbon steels and other common metals. However, changes may be necessary to the extent that they differ in yield strength and rate of work hardening.

Method One, Saw Guide combined with Portable Band Saw.
The portable Band Saw cutter must be sturdy, have sufficient power. The Saw Guide helps eliminate the vibration when cutting stainless pipe. Constant feeds are most important to prevent the tool from riding on the stainless pipe.

Method Two, Orbital Pipe Saw.
For cutting and beveling stainless pipes, orbital pipe saw is another good choice. The saw blades rotate at high speed, are small, inexpensive and available in different versions for different materials and wall thicknesses.
The cutting is executed by manually rotating the machine housing 360 degree around the pipe and then, with a circular toothed blade driven by 1600 watt motor, the pipe is cut with one single rotation. The cutting action takes seconds, and cut-off is straight and clean.

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