The Main Import and Export Situation of the Seamless Steel Pipe
In general, seamless steel pipe has the large import quantum. China usually imports the seamless steel pipe form Germany and Japan. European countries such as Romania, Russia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Czech, Yugoslavia, and Hungary, are also the importing countries for China. And a small quantity of seamless steel pipe will import from Argentina in South America, Mexico, etc.

According to different requirements in China, the specifications of seamless steel pipe are more than 100 kinds. The common specifications include 15922mm, 1595mm, 15918mm, 114.38mm, 114.310mm and 114.313mm. The length is 5-8mm or 4-7mm in generally. The steel grade hot rolled carbon constructional usually is ST35.ST45 and ST65. The smallest diameter is 305mm and the largest is 47813mm.

A small quantity seamless steel pipe importing from France and Spain with 183mm, 223mm and 26.93mm specifications carry the general rules in Germany Mannesmann stainless steel pipe factory.

Seamless steel pipe importing from Japan and Hungary always consult the DIN2448, DIN1629 rules.

There are some quality problems existing in the case of conversation B import claim, such as abnormal chemical compositions, lacerations in flattening test, low tensile strength and serious corrosions and pits in seamless steel pipe, etc.
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