The Methods to Distinguish Fake and Shoddy Posted Sides Seamless Steel Pipe (2)
The surface of fake and shoddy seamless steel pipe always has crack. Because its feedstock is adobo which has lots of air vent inside. During the process of refrigeration, the adobo has crack because of the heat stress.

The fake and shoddy seamless steel pipe is easy to be scratched. The production equipment is simple and crude, so it always has burr which scratch the surface of steel pipes. And serious scratches may reduce the intensity of the seamless steel pipe.

The fake and shoddy seamless steel pipe doesn’t have metallic luster but the color of pig iron or rosiness. First, its feedstock is adobo. Second, the rolling temperature is nonstandard. They eye estimate the temperature, so the capability of these steel pipes cannot reach the standard.
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